The Difficulties of Living in Hong Kong and a Guide to Accommodation in Connection to Budget

Before we rent a house, we must first think clearly about our own budget and the requirements for housing, which can save you a lot of time and effort to search for housing. We suggest that you set the budget first, and then choose the best place for yourself within the budget.

Psychological adjustment: Hong Kong’s housing prices is one of the most expensive places in the world.

First of all, let us know that housing prices in Hong Kong are among the highest in the world. Housing on average 300-400 square feet should be used for about HK $ 12,000 on average. So if the budget is not a lot, we have to compromise in the choice of accommodation.


Find the benefits of sharing roommates

The following will first discuss the situation of solo rentals:

Budget over 10,000

Generally, if your budget is more than HK $ 10,000, basically do not worry, you can certainly find a good place. Regular housing can certainly live to see you choose the house’s vision.


Budget 4,000 to 10,000 Hong Kong dollars

This budget basically can not rent units in housing estates, if you want to own, you can consider some decoration and lot better Studio (ie, the noble name of the suite or mansion), but less space.


Budget below 4,000

Under this budget, renting a house by one’s self can only rent relatively poor suites,


We can refer to the following summary:

Rental budget HKD 10,000 up: Estate, Stand-alone building, Presentable Studio, En-Suite, Flatshare

Rental budget HKD 6,500  up: Ensuite, Flatshare, Standalone Studio

Rental Budget HKD 3,000 up: Poor suite


Other expenses for renting a house

Renting in Hong Kong, in addition to rent, there are many one-time or ongoing costs, may make you more money. So when you make a budget remember the following items into account.

Home appliances and furniture

Whether it is the old buildings of new buildings, rental housing in Hong Kong, are accustomed to “pay off”, that is generally an empty house with infrastructure, without any furniture and appliances, even if there is, home appliances are likely not complete . This means that after coming here to buy a lot of household items, but also move out to find ways to deal with …

One of the most expensive, than washing machines and refrigerators, two large appliances. Two kinds together frequently spend about 1 million to spend, even buy second-hand, but also one or two thousand yuan. If so lucky encounter furniture suitable and complete housing, even if the rent may be a little expensive, in fact, count the difference, in fact, buy a set of furniture and appliances are not much worse.


Generally, when we rent houses, we have neglected the lethality of water, electricity and gas expenses. We should pay attention to the use of electrical appliances. For example, we should try not to open too many air-conditioners in the summer and shut down when the water heater is out of use. Otherwise received five or six hundred bills on the miserable.

Transportation fee

Also pay attention to the rental housing location of housing, with work / school is not far away, traffic how. Although the transport costs a little bit of money each time, but also accumulated will frighten you. If you are a student, you can enjoy half-price discount on the subway. These opportunities must be grasped.

Food costs

The cost of going out in different areas is also a bit different, if you just have expensive expensive large restaurant, then you can only forge their own cooking skills, can save province.