Bon Bon CoLiving: Hennessy Flatshare Apartment

Bon Bon CoLiving is proud to present her Hennessy Flatshare Apartment which is life cater st the heart of Wanchai, one of the most vivid districts of Hong Kong. There are four rooms in total , which are equipped with different room facilities in different sizes for CoLiving members with different budgets, expectations and lifestyle. … Continue reading Bon Bon CoLiving: Hennessy Flatshare Apartment

Pay Rents Without a HK Bank Account By HSBC’s “Cash Deposit ATMs”

You don't have to have a Hong Kong bank account or a cheque book in Hong Kong dollars to handle your payments for security deposit, prepaid rent, monthly rent and any other payment to Bon Bon CoLiving. Here is a step-by-step procedure to make it happen:          

Mailing and Wish List

The demand of CoLiving options at Hong Kong is huge and decisions are made swiftly. Bon Bon CoLiving units are taken with deposit made immediately in a dash. Our statistics show that out of every four viewers, one of them will made up his/her mind and places a deposit to secure a room and/or an … Continue reading Mailing and Wish List

For CoLiving Landlords/ Shareholders

This page is intended to write for the Landlords or the owners or the shareholders of CoLiving space and they want a Relationship Manger or a Community Manager to handle numerous correspondences from CoLiving Members. Since CoLiving spaces are always serviced apartment and fully furnished. These services will inevitably add on the burden of the … Continue reading For CoLiving Landlords/ Shareholders

13SRHK: House Rules and More

***The following notes are provided by CoLiving Space Provider SRHK for the information of her potential and existing tenants. Please note the following is self-explanatory. Bon Bon CoLiving is not responsible for any grammatical errors or meanings in vague.  For inquiry, please contact us.*** House Rules Why? We set "House rule" is more because for … Continue reading 13SRHK: House Rules and More