Messages from Founder

Founding Aspirations

Bon Bon CoLiving would like to become an enabler for young people from every walk of life from every corner of the world to establish their private or professional life in Hong Kong, viviidly.

We make a little space, make a better place.

The Founder roots in Hong Kong. It’s her hometown, she would like to bring back and nurtures an international and inclusive city of Hong Kong by

The rent is climbing up constantly. Accommodation options are getting more and more smaller and expensive. The sub-dividended apartments in Hong Kong will make the city isolated and breathless.

Bon Bon CoLiving flatshare emphasises people interaction, human communication and inclusive ideology over races, languages and backgrounds.

Bon Bon CoLiving’s rent rates reflect market supply and demand but Bon Bon CoLiving is not aim to squeeze every dollar from our community. The Founder inspires the community that Bon Bon CoLiving is just a start of her young tenants in their colourful life in Hong Kong.

Bon Bon CoLiving does not bound her young community with a corporate goal to keep and refrain her tenants for a lifetime because the Founder believes that her young community will develop both personally and professionally and they will move on for a permanent home with their beloved ones.

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