A Win-Win Bon Bon CoLiving Flex Arrangement.

I feel very Insecure! 

Insecurity is you are coming to Hong Kong but you have not arranged an accommodation!

Insecurity is you are coming to Hong Kong but you are afraid of arranging a place you have not seen it in material might be not fit.

Bon Bon CoLiving would like to offer the following Win-Win Bon Bon CoLiving Flex Arrangement to help you get a place so that you know you have a place to stay and allow you the flexibilities if you end up being not satisfied booked and secured Bon Bon CoLiving and wanna change.

The Win-Win Bon Bon CoLiving Flex Arrangement’s business procedure are listed below:

  1. You pick one Bon Bon CoLiving option you want before you come to Hong Kong;
  2. We sign a contract to reserve the option you want for you with one-month of security deposit you are going to pay to us upon the contract is sent over on the internet for you to sign off;
  3. You bank-in the one month deposit;
  4. We reserve the Bon Bon CoLiving option you chose during your tenancy term;
  5. You arrive Hong Kong and go to see your Bon Bon CoLiving choice;
  6. If you are satisfy with it, you pay the balance of deposit and prepaid rent and we sign the official Tenancy Contract;
  7. If you are not satisfied with your choice, you may switch to other Bon Bon CoLiving options with a 5% discount off of the entire first Tenancy Term;
  8. If you are still not satisfied, you may stay at your place you chosen for 30 days and the deposit will be fully refunded to you in 14 working days, conditions apply;
  9. You will get a 5% cash rebate of your first month’s rent for any leasing term longer than 6 months. The cash rebate will given to you the the 1st day of your third month of renting.








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