Rent and Restrictions

Rent and Restrictions

  1. Bon Bon CoLiving is not a licenced hostel
  2. Leasing terms must be more than one month
  3. Bon Bon CoLiving welcomes both short and long leasing terms
  4. Rent are paid on a month basis, not pro-rata
  5. Security Deposits will give back to Tenants in one calendar month upon an arrangement of check-out is done in consideration of inspecting the conditions of the premises, calculations of unpaid rent and fees, recovering of damages and loss, etc and overseas money transmission
  6. Two-months' rent as Pre-paid Rent. The next billing month will be the third month
  7. No pets
  8. No smokers
  9. Couple tenants for a single accommodation must pay an one-off surcharge at 30% * Monthly Rent Rate X Rent Amount


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