This pages of resources dictates the many concepts and practical guides on the Bon Bon CoLiving idea.  More write-up can be found on the Bon Bon CoLiving Standard Operating Procedure, Practical Guides and Tips, which is updated from time to time, and is in pace of the evolution of the global CoLiving concept.


 What is CoLiving?
Co-living is a new way of living inspired by the old, with community and collective experiences at its core. Starting with the basics, it offers personal bedrooms or other accommodation alongside with the shared spaces such as kitchen, bathrooms.

 Specifically, what kind of CoLiving Choices do you have?

Bon Bon Living is a brand of Bon Bon Lifestyle , which is managed by Consultants from Sonia SO and Associates and under the umbrella of TUS Consulting Group.

Originating from Hong Kong and kickstarting from Hong Kong, Bon Bon Living is now managing nearly 50 units of accommodation units in the never-sleep Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong Island.

Who is Bon Bon CoLiving for?

If you’re a native Hongkonger, it’s your new scene. If you’re new to Hong Kong, it’s your home away from home. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s your future network.  Co-living is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to live.

Bon Bon CoLiving is currently operating at Hong Kong with an emphasis on accommodation options at the never-sleep Causeway Bay and Wan Chai areaa of Hong Kong Island. By sharing common areas like kitchen and bathrooms, Bon Bon CoLiving is able to offer cozy and spacious fully furnished accommodation options at a reasonable price, slight below the market, in most of the cases.

Bon Bon CoLiving accommodations are ideal for expats, overseas entrepreneurs, students or young professional on their internship.

How many CoLiving options are there?

There nearly 50 units across 12 destinations.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of different rooms at different prices, starting from HKD 4000 per month, up to HKD 12,000.

What is the difference between your room types?

The main difference is the size of the accommodation unit.


What is included in the price?

Your all-in-one monthly bill covers utility bills, wi-fi, accessibility and utilisation of the common ares , weekly room cleaning, and a membership management services.


I want to move in. How do I secure my room?

In order to secure your room, we need 2-months as security deposit and 1 month of rent pay in advance.


How do I pay my rent?

Rent can easily be paid automatically each month via direct debit on the 1st of the month. This will all be set up when you sign the lease. Ultimately, we want to make living in The Collective as easy as possible for you. If you move in halfway through the month, you’ll only pay for those days rather than the whole month.

Otherwise, you may bank-in or pay your rent by T/T.

Can I decorate my room?

Make yourself at home but please don’t hammer anything into the wall. Any damage incurred will come out of your deposit when you leave. Please speak to the front desk who will provide the right adhesive hangers and non-marking white tack free of charge!

Is my room cleaned and my linen changed?

Yes! We have an entire team in the building dedicated to exactly that. Room cleaning are performing once biweekly. All the common spaces are cleaned on the same basis.

For linens, your unit will be equipped with one set of bed ware during your move-in and you will take care of the cleaning of the set by yourself at the washing machines at the common areas or at any laundry shops.

What is the length of tenancy?

The minimum length of tenancy is 1 month.

What happens to my contract if I want to leave early?

If you want to leave before your contract ends, please let us know and we can help you find someone to take your room. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to find someone to take over the remaining time left.

Are there rooms available for couples?

Yes, there are rooms available for couples. Please contact us for further information.


What is provided in my room and the common areas?
Typically a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair will be provide alongside bedding and linen.

What are the fees to move in?

To book a room, you will have to pay a Security Deposit plus one month rent in advance. Exact amount of rent and Security Deposit will be negotiable.

Is there a curfew?

There is definitely no curfew, but we do ask you to be respectful of the people that live in the building. We have a quiet hours policy that kicks in after 11:30pm from Sunday to Thursday and 12am on Friday and Saturday.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately not.


Do we accept students and/or seniors?

Of course! Students and seniors are more than welcome as long as they share in the community’s values.


What is the size of the bed?

Our beds are Double-sized or Single-sized.


Do we have extra storage?

We’re looking into this, but not at the moment unfortunately.

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