For CoLiving Landlords/ Shareholders

This page is intended to write for the Landlords or the owners or the shareholders of CoLiving space and they want a Relationship Manger or a Community Manager to handle numerous correspondences from CoLiving Members.

Since CoLiving spaces are always serviced apartment and fully furnished. These services will inevitably add on the burden of the maintenance and cleaning team.

At Bon Bon CoLiving, we are always here to lend a hand. The service can be as small as taking care of the on-broading and off-broading procedures, to a holistic total solution from driving potential members, signature of the leasing agreement and development of the member, collect rent every month and liaison with the tenants on repairs and maintenance.

Make a Little Space, For a Better Place



Live somewhere you’ll be care free to call it home sweet home. Boutique interior design rooms equipped with furniture and bed items, plus the cozy shared common areas and handy facilities for every member.



 Join a community of likeminded young people, networking, connecting and building a relationship with your peers from every corner of the world in all walks of life under one roof. Plus, getting known to Hong Kong and be engaging with the Hong Kong community in full swing.


Enjoy a hassle-free living experience that lets you focus on the things that really matter. All-inclusive billing, tenant relationship management and room cleaning as standard.


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