Our Motto

"Make a little space, Make a better place."

Bon Bon CoLiving, a brand under Bon Bon Lifestyle, brings in quality CoLiving spaces across Hong Kong with a genuine drive to assist our CoLiving members to get out of their most on living space and to get along with the local and greater Hong Kong community.

Shared common areas and facilities like kitchen, bathrooms. washing machines and cookery wares, etc., enable prices of the CoLiving units at an affordable manner, which is the corner stone ideology of Bon Bon Lifestyle, echoing the recent uprising Shared Economy phenomenon and the need of the Generation Z and the Millennial.

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Make a Little Space, Make a Better Place



Live somewhere you’ll be care free to call it home sweet home. Boutique interior design rooms equipped with furniture and bed items, plus the cozy shared common areas and handy facilities for every member.



 Join a community of likeminded young people, networking, connecting and building a relationship with your peers from every corner of the world in all walks of life under one roof. Plus, getting known to Hong Kong and be engaging with the Hong Kong community in full swing.


Enjoy a hassle-free living experience that lets you focus on the things that really matter. All-inclusive billing, tenant relationship management and room cleaning as standard.


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CoLiving Locations



Originating and kicking off at Causeway Bay and Wanchai, the districts which never sleep in Hong Kong, there are 9 CoLiving spaces across Causeway Bay and Wanchai at 4 destinations. We will expend our operations to other districts of Hong Kong and overseas.

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Mailing and Wish List

The demand of CoLiving options at Hong Kong is huge and decisions are made swiftly.

Bon Bon CoLiving units are taken with deposit made immediately in a dash. Our statistics shows that out of every four viewers, one of them will made up his/her mind and places a deposit to secure a room and/or an apartment with us in three hours following his/her flat visits with us. And quite a number of people would secure a room and/or an apartment with us around one month prior to their material time of arrival at Hong Kong.

Therefore we suggest you to join our Mailing and Wish List so that your requirements are recorded and you will be updated or even taken care of in a personal way with the latest updates of Bon Bon CoLiving options and vacancies.

Please click here to join the list.

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